TAIWANfest Vancouver 2019

Updated on July 18th, 2021

Today, I decided to explore the TAIWANfest Vancouver 2019. It took place in Granville Street (W Pender St to Smithe St), and had free admission.

Normally, Vancouver is known for their rainy days, staring September. In fact, there is so much rain, Vancouver is dubbed “Raincouver”. However, it was a gorgeous day, with great temperature, and the location had many people there; perfect conditions for an outdoor event. During my commute to the festival, I took the Canada Line and got off at the Vancouver City Centre station.

If you would like to check out their website for firsthand information, click here.

Albeit, my experience with the festival was not quite as captivating as most people’s, I was able to capture many main attractions, such as ring toss onto cardboard pigs and boars.

There were also “Tornado Potatoes”: A type of potato snack that involves spiraling a potato onto a stick that has had a huge rise in popularity. This particular food cart also sold yam spirals and even zucchini spirals.

This year, there was also a very impressive drum performance right next to a few mascots. If you hold up your camera in front of one, they will also make a pose just for you.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a very fun event to go to. If you live close to downtown, Vancouver, it’s well worth the trip!