Taiwan impression – Freshwater Fisherman’s Wharf Lover Bridge to see the most beautiful sunset in Taiwan

Updated on July 18th, 2021

The Fisherman’s Wharf in Taiwan freshwater, very fortunate to see a full sunset. The so-called complete, sunset is the whole process, until the sun is completely covered clouds, clouds obscured the middle have not been before. And according to our driver Mr. Cai speaking, only in this season to fresh water, because the weather is sunny and the humidity just to see the beautiful sunset after sunset.

From Danshui Old Street (see: Freshwater Street strolling tour ), we drove to the Fisherman’s Wharf. According to the old rules, Mr Choi to the driver us to the parking lot of Fisherman’s Wharf, an appointment time with us, then let us free to visit. When we arrived at about 17:00, the day’s sunset time is 6:00, just before Guangyi Xia, from multi-angle views of the lover bridge.

Below the bridge, there are many shops can go, of course, it is ultimately “there is always one about” ho much chicken and Fisherman’s Wharf punch point. I tried nine taro tofu, just feel better, not much amazing.

Then is the time to take pictures from afar freshwater bridge city, far from the highest price of a few high-rise residential, two-bedroom is about 8 million Taiwan dollars, the prices of fresh water because of traffic problems is not too high.

The sun finally slowly being covered by thick clouds, How Many Suns.

Before we left again overlooking the bridge and look at the beautiful sunset lover.

in conclusion

Taiwan’s freshwater sunset known as the most beautiful sunset, is indeed a well-deserved reputation. But according to Mr Choy said the driver, in his eyes Taichung high of US wetlands sunsets more beautiful than fresh water at sunset. Of course, this is only his opinion, because Japan “TRiPORT” travel magazine has selected the most beautiful sunset in the world top 10, in which Taiwan freshwater Fisherman’s Wharf to board the first two, the first one is the island of Langkawi in Malaysia . Anyway, if you have the opportunity to go to Taiwan, then fresh water sunset is an absolute must-see attractions.