Taiwan impression – very light day of those years

Updated on July 18th, 2021

Quite another movie because “those years” and thrive tourist spot. Previous visit nine different is that nine has become a tourist area, the locals moved out to the house to outsiders to do business; and very gradually it is due to the bustling, young people move out of the already slow slow reflow here, and sometimes it is visible there is nothing. 

About nine of travel: follow shot nine tour, Mr. Hou Xiao Xian to nine of the merits and demerits .

Nine and very far away, we have to chat between the tenth. Please help me because Mr Yip took us to put the heavenly light, Mr Yip put us on the roadside to lay down and let ourselves go in, he parked the car to talk to us first meet.

Into the inside, a first sight attractive necessarily those wishing bamboo, hang a NT 50. Like small fresh photo shoot, then where you will be able to find a lot of good times.

Then is a variety of concave shape, people here are fun to put various Post.

Keep your eyes on photos, you will find that almost all of the balconies of the houses have installed a safety net, not for the theft is estimated that more is to prevent the lantern flew into the room.

We went to this Hu day light, where the original only this one. Because business is booming, it has opened a lot of new home. After paying, the clerk deftly hung the lanterns, you can use any ink written on paper, then on top of some vow.

The clerk then let you take the point of the light of day, to help you take a few photos, then put, it is a very smooth process.

As a reminder, if you are going to go out, then put the heavenly light, light-colored shoes and do not wear clothes, lest accidentally ink stained dirty.

Under visual inspection, the price of fact, almost every one, starting from NT $ 150. But just 150 days monochromatic light, if you want a variety of colors, then, but also add additional money.

Railway extremely narrow sides, more people have, make life difficult for two cars seemingly open, but why finally live in peace.

As the train was still running normally, so there will be a train every hour inbound. This time would have been chaos Rangrang people have fled, after the train went on to play on the railway.

In addition to put the heavenly light, you can also look at these features of the old building, and very waterfall.


On the way to leave very, you could see a lot of day light we fly very far very high in the sky. Mr Yip said the local government had considered prohibited put the heavenly light, but because of too big to give up the ban. This is understandable, now the very day of tourism related discharge lamp together, no put the heavenly light, there is no great tourism.

However, according to Mr Yip said, put the heavenly light in the price of some will be put into a fund which, the locals picked up the lamp fall from the sky, then pay back will be holding a number of financial incentives. It will retrieve the portion is re-made into new day light, recycling. Since With this provision, the locals pick up lanterns of highly motivated, never garbage piling up problems occur. It seems the economic means of regulation is stronger than anything.