Taiwan impression – pit Street, to eat the most delicious spicy tofu in Taiwan the most flavor of a street

Updated on July 18th, 2021

In fact, not in our pit Street advance arrangements which, before the trip, Mr Choi talked with the driver to eat tofu.Mr Choi would recommend we go to nine, and take the opportunity to have a taste of Taiwan’s street, pit Street. Mr Choi told us, in fact, is not the best to eat tofu fried, but steamed and boiled. Because fried tofu has lost its original flavor (just imagine steamed tofu, sour feeling very cool).

And the best cooking tofu, the streets in the pit. So we finished the tour after ten nine, decisively change the itinerary, please Yip day the driver took us to the pit Street. Mr. Ye are of course very readily agreed.

We’re going to pit this big tree in the corner, looking very good.

Recommend spicy duck blood tofu, tofu fragrant enough, after smoke filled the spicy stew soup, duck tender but not a clip on the bad, one word: delicious. Three words: too delicious.

After dinner stroll in the streets, goodies everywhere, the only regret is the capacity of the stomach is too small, it fit so much food.

This happened to see the Eight Immortals fruit, under tasting feel very good, the Eight Immortals fruit sold here is not completely dry body, but feeling a little moist, buy a bottle you can eat for a long time, it is strongly recommended.

Pit Street does not actually too long, 30 minutes to walk down the street, but a considerable number may visit the store, feel the absence of nine so famous, and not so very commercial feel quite worth stroll.

in conclusion

Pit Street, not in a surprise among the plans, it is well worth a scenic spot. But go, then, we must remember to empty stomach, so that it can not empty the pit Street line ah.