Taiwan impression – along with nine shots tour, Mr. Hou Xiao Xian Gong for nine and over

Updated on July 18th, 2021

When leaving nine of nine talking with the driver Yip has been extremely commercialized problem. Mr Yip said that now the whole nine basically no locals lived, the house is rented out to outsiders to do business. Yep sigh lot of people say, do not know Xiao Xian designate the film “City of Sadness” is the work of nine or over? The work is successful nine “sell” up to the world, of course, had to make nine gradually lost its original character.

My first reaction is greater than the power off, after all, there is no “City of Sadness”, how many people will know it nine? But for an outsider like me, this topic is too great, leaving the Taiwanese themselves thinking about it.


We followed a tour of nine shots. Nine Old Road entrance, here is the location of tourist shuttle bus tourists, Barbara is is popular.

Several sell this mountain pork sausage, try this, I feel really good.

This grilled sea snails are also very good taste. After the Whelk cooked with the shell, the meat out by skilled staff together with seasonings, spiro tender and delicious.

Lai Po taro, a NT $ 50’d not expensive, but really not used to this feeling of QQ, but Taiwanese’d particularly like.

Finally out of the old street, suddenly Kuoran cheerful, only to find nice view here.

All picture-taking time.

Slowly go all the way down the mountain, ordinary lanes people living here should not have a flavor, right?

Mid hope from the bottom up is another round of scenery.


In any case, as a well-known attractions, nine is really worth a careful visit. Unfortunately, because of the hotel, we did not stay one night at nine, nine just enjoy the night. But overall, nine of the trip was satisfactory.