Montreal L’Express Traditional French Bistro

Updated on August 26th, 2017

In Montreal, I met my three friends who live here and had lunch at L’Express. Two of my friends are French and one of them is a columnist of food magazine. L’ Express is a well known French restaurant with traditional and special foods. Foods are not pricey.

L’Express address is 3927 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2W 2M4. It’s not located in tourist area. Nearby, there is a famous Jewish smoke meat store, Schwartz’s Deli. You can get there by taxi for CAD$10-15. I took subway to Saint-Denis/Duluth station and then walked 5 minutes to get there.

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L’Express is a small bistro. It’s easy to missed as there is no sign at the door. You need to pay attention to the ground.

It’s an ordinary bistro. Decoration theme is practical. There are lots of old photos on the wall with full of memories.

First two things are bread and Cornichons (pickled cucumber). My friend said Cornichons is a traditional French appetizer that they will have everyday.

Appetizer Rillettes L’Express is CAD$9.95. It’s a mix of minced pork and minced duck meat. You eat it with bread and Cornichons. The Cornichons can balance the grease of the meat.

Frisée Aux Gesiérs de canard (chicken gizzard salad) is CAD$17.75. It’s a mix of chicken gizzard, half boiled egg and greens.

Os à moelle au gros sel is CAD$14.95 (Bovine bone marrow).

The other two dishes are Porcelet, écrevisses et champignons CAD$18.25 (roasted piglet, crawl fish and mushroom). Pot-au-feu $22 (Stewed beef soup). Also, a bottle of French wine, Cahors Malbec CAD$35。Malbec has been exported from France to Argentina recently and grow very well. Cahors Malbec is quite restrained without strong ripped fruity taste, has high acidity and it’s a good pairing with fatty dishes.

All prices are not included taxes and tips. Usually tips amount is 15-20% of the bill. I always thought that French meals are luxury and expensive. I got a good experience  of an ordinary and traditional French meal. After lunch, we ended the meal with a cup of coffee at Aux Deux Marie(4329 St Denis St, Montreal). It ended our gathering lunch perfectly.