Test Report – KnowRoaming SIM mobile Internet speed in Zurich, Paris, Reims, New Delhi, Bangkok, Guangzhou and Tokyo

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Even since I started using KnowRoaming SIM, it has become the best option for travelling overseas. When I travelled to Zurich, Paris, New Delhi, Bangkok, Guangzhou and Tokyo, I used the opportunity to test the connection speed. For more information about KnowRoaming SIM’s, click here. Buy now because there is a 30% discount.

Growing global network

When I did my mini Around the World trip this time, I felt my cell phone always had internconnectivity, meaning as soon as the airplane lands, cell phone use is allowed, and I disable airplane mode, within a minute or so, KnowRoaming SIM finds the local network, and then I can start to do Instagram, Facebook while I am still deplaning. In the past, I had to get off the airplane first, try to find WIFI at the airport (some airports also require SMS authentication), or buy a local SIM Card in order to use the Internet.

Practically speaking, that is still one occasion where I couldn’t connect right away. In the New Delhi airport, somehow I just could connect; The airport WIFI needed SMS authentication, and for whatever reason, both of my SIMs couldn’t receive SMS as well. But after arriving at the hotel, I reset the KnowRoaming settings, and it worked once again. So, whether it was just a problem with the settings remains unknown.

Unlimited data

In this trip, I purchased both the Global unlimited data 1/3 days options, according to the travel plan, because it is an unlimited data plan so that I could use the internet without any worries

KnowRoaming now offers three unlimited data plans. Along with those, there are also other options such as global 1GB Data – 15 days or Europe 1GB Data – 30 days. For more details, click here,

  • Global Unlimited data – 1 day: $ 3.99
  • Global Unlimited Data – 3 days: $ 9.99
  • USA Unlimited Data – 3 days: $ 5.99

Test Results

All cities have been testing LTE to spend of course, as nowadays we are in the 5G era. Also because of this, LTE is not a great deal anymore. However, at least there is no 3G, so not only using Instagram, Facebook or Google Maps is not an issue at all; even a video chat shouldn’t be an issue.

Zurich 3.72 / 11.6 Mbps

In Zurich, use the Sunrise of LTE.

Paris 29.6 / 13.3 Mbps

In Paris, Bouygues Telecom is using the LTE.

Reims 55.6 / 25.6 Mbps

In Reims, using LTE Orange F’s.

New Delhi 7.70 /4.46 Mbps

In New Delhi, using Airtel’s LTE.

Bangkok 21.1 / 7.72 Mbps

Bangkok, dtac-T is used in LTE.

Guangzhou 19.5 / 19.7 Mbps

In Guangzhou, using China Telecom’s LTE.

Tokyo 9.96 / 8.79 Mbps

In Tokyo’s Haneda airport, using SoftBank’s LTE.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, because we are heavily reliant on Cell Internet, it is almost unthinkable to do any traveling with it. For more information about KnowRoaming SIM’s click here. Buy now because there is currently a 30% discount.

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