KnowRoaming Global Roaming SIM Review, 30% Discount Online Order

Updated on July 18th, 2021

If you travel to the UK or Europe, Giffgaff SIM is the cheapest affordable Internet phone card. But Giffgaff SIM can only be used in the UK and Europe, and beyond the limited service area belongs to roaming, roaming charges because the price is not low, such as in the United States for the roaming charges 20p per MB (20 pence is about 25 American cents, which is $0.25/Mb ), so the data traffic if a large outflow of money rushing to go.


KnowRoaming belongs to another SIM, it is considered the world roaming, and the roaming charges are slightly lower: $0.15/Mb. If you require especially large data traffic, you can also buy an unlimited amount of traffic package, the price is $9.99 for three days or $3.99 a day. Note that although the package is an unlimited amount of traffic, there is still a FAIR USE POLICY (fair use). Any former is about 250 MB speed, then the speed limit as appropriate to 2G (128 kbps), a detailed reference to direct pages  .


Unlimited data

  • Global unlimited data – 16 days: $3.99
  • Global Unlimited Data – 3 days: $9.99
  • USA Unlimited Data – 3 days: $5.99


  • Global 1GB Data – 15 days: $24.99
  • Global 5GB Data – 30 days: $99.99


  • Europe 1GB Data – 30 days: $9.99
  • Europe 5GB Data – 30 days: $39.99
  • Europe 20GB Data – 90 days: $149.99

United States

  • USA 1GB Data – 30 days: $9.99
  • USA 5GB Data – 30 days: $39.99
  • USA 20GB Data – 90 days: $149.99

Asia Pacific (Asia + Australia and New Zealand)

  • Asia Pacific (Asia + Australia and New Zealand) 1GB Data – 7 days: $9.99
  • Asia Pacific (Asia + Australia and New Zealand) 5GB Data – 15 days: $39.99
  • Asia Pacific (Asia + Australia and New Zealand) 20GB Data – 90 days: $149.99

SIM Card vs SIM Sticker

KnowRoaming is a Toronto-based company, offers two options. One is the ordinary SIM Card, but need to be replaced KnowRoaming use of SIM, or the phone supports dual card dual standby. Another special feature is a SIM Sticker, directly glued to their original SIM above, this way, it eliminates the hassle of changing SIM. At the time of payment if a proposed code, you can also have a 30% discount.

SIM Card

SIM Card price is $9.99 USD.

SIM Sticker

SIM Card price is $29.99 USD, send a free SIM Card and $10 USD recharge.

Buy Online

Want to buy, you can directly on  , at the time of payment if you use the recommended code triwi48 , you can also have a 30% discount.

If you are buying SIM Card, the referred code can drop the price to $6.99 from $9.99.

Moblie App

After receiving the SIM, you can go download KnowRoaming App to make it easy to manage the balance.

Phone text messages

KnowRoaming SIM free with a number of American and a British free number if you need phone numbers for other countries, it can also be purchased separately, the price is around 3 to 6 US dollars a month, depending on the country.

WhatsApp free flow

Once the free flow of WhatsApp is a major feature of KnowRoaming, but now has been limited to the first 30 days after recharge, and every 30 days after the recharge details. Refer here.

Final Thought

I travel ahead of the mobile Internet-ready (Never buy a SIM card at the airport). As long as the destination can be reached, you can directly go online.