123 Taiwan: A charter company that you should hire if you’re in Taiwan

Updated on July 18th, 2021

When we visited Taiwan for seven days, there are two days in Taipei where we decided to use charter services. Friends helped us find 123utaiwan.com this company, which is an excellent charter service in Taiwan. I can recommend it to everyone. Company direct URL

In terms of the drivers, the first day was a man called Mr. Cai, and the second was a Mr. Ye. They are the company’s senior drivers. (Note that the people taking you to the attractions are drivers, not tour guides, so they do not follow you into the attractions, but they will explain the attraction while driving down the road. The two drivers are very good. Mr. Cai is more talkative than Mr. Ye, more knowledgeable, and often throws some jokes around, for example, when we passed the Culture University in Taiwan Yangmingshan, he joked that this is Taiwan’s highest institution (in fact, highest elevation.) Yeming Hong is relatively calm and is less likely to take the initiative to speak, but he always tries his best to answer any question that you may ask.

The following services were used in our trip. The price will change the more people you have, as well as seasonal travel changes. This company is definitely not the cheapest, but you pay for the undeniable quality.

  1. Airport to Taipei City in the pick-up service;
  2. Day1 trip, Taipei District (Hotels) departure “Grandee” {Yangmingshan National Park Yangmingshan Flower Clock, Bamboo Lake (we sampled local wild herbs during lunch), Xiaoyou Keng Scenic Area, Lengshuikeng OR Chingtienkang, Datun Hill Nature Park} “Danshui Old Street” Fisherman’s Wharf (in northern Taiwan to enjoy the most beautiful sunset) “return to Taipei City;
  3. Day 2 trip, Taipei District (Hotels) departure “Venus Coast” Yehliu Geopark “nine streets” Jinguashi Scenic Area (Gullfoss was thirteen layers ruins, yin and yang sea) “very waterfall” very station (flat Creek happy day light) “return to Taipei City;
  4. Taipei City drop-off service.

About Traveling Around the Island

We did not choose to travel around the island but spent seven days in Taipei. One reason is that the hotel we booked by Marriott was paid by a 7-day free room voucher can only be valid if you live in the same hotel for 7 days. During our stay in Taipei, the seven days were very relaxing, allowing you to savor Taipei’s culture and style. But not able to tour around the island because of the hotel voucher is indeed sort of a regret. According to Mr. Cai, in a few days time, there wouldn’t be enough time to tour the whole island. Instead, he said that the half-island tour would be more reasonable.

Final Thoughts

If your traveling to Taiwan, the charter company is a very good choice. Before you get to the attraction the driver will tell in detail about how the attraction works and how long it takes. The driver will drop you off in front of each attraction, and then you go enjoy the said attraction. Then, when you’re done,  you send a text to the driver, who will immediately drive to the location he said where he will meet you. (When we got to the location, he was already there.    One minute is not wasted. After the tour, you can choose to return to the original point of departure, or you can tell the driver to go somewhere (such as the night market). In addition, you have a variety of places to go, but it may vary depending on the situation. For example, during our two days, after we finished touring at Yehliu Geopark, we decided to give Jinguashih scenic, change to the pit Street, and finally get off at Ximending.

Price already includes all costs, the driver will go another meal. Of course, if you still feel OK, then the driver, the driver can also invite dine together and give appropriate tip.