8 Ways To Meet Minimum Spending Requirements On Your Credit Card – without spending more money than you would otherwise

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Updated June 11, 2018. There are many newly opened credit card rewards card, you need within a specified time, usually three months after the opening card, to complete a certain amount of consumption, in order to get a new open card rewards. And this open challenge card spending, has become an obstacle to open the card, especially when open AMEX American Express card, because usually view is that a lot of places are not in fact as long as the income [AMEX think about it, the place is really close AMEX not too many fishes]. In Canada, the common large open card spending challenges are:

Of course, along with the challenge of large open card spending is the large open card rewards. We all hope that the premise does not constitute an unnecessary consumption of large, smooth holding open card rewards (commonly known as mattress wool). Here are a few ways to quickly open card spending challenges:

Small loans

Through Kiva.org , you may need to provide small loans to people all over the world, usually $ 25. This site can recover the loan success rate is 99%, so do not worry too much about money not being paid. Note that, since this is the dollar, so if the Canadian credit card, then charge a 2.5% fee. About Kiva.org introduced, providing a P2P microfinance non-profit organization .

pay bills

Life always has to pay endless bills, some bills are credit cards, for example car insurance, home insurance, mobile phones and other Internet bill. And there are some bills that you can not use credit cards, such as rent, water and electricity and gas fees, but they can use the online payment platform to pay the bills, but the existence of these platforms are paid using a credit card [this is the payment platform reason], the details can refer to: how to use Paytm online payment platform to pay bills

Pay bills in advance

If the bill is not enough to complete the daily open card spending challenge, you can also pay bills in advance, such as prepaid cell phone bill a year and so on.

Buy Gift Card

In fact, in the market there are many Gift Cards, often go to Costco, you can buy a Costco Gift Card (Costco Online Only Visa and MasterCard). In the supermarket, you can often be seen prepaid Visa and MasterCard, as well as a variety of special merchant Gift Card, such as Starbucks, Petro Canada, Amazon and Home Depot, and so on. Buy some gift cards which can be completed successfully challenged the open card spending. For more information please refer to: How to buy gift cards Ebates.ca, earn extra rebate and complete the newly opened card spending challenge

Buy mileage points

Airlines and hotels often will mileage credit purchase offers, discounts sometimes up to 50%, and this time is the best time. And buy points for various benefits, refer to Box site: buy points retrocession


Donations to various charities in addition to helping others, may also refund, you can also have a small advantage that can make donations by credit card. The Canadian Red Cross is a very worthy charity donations. [Canadian Red Cross occasional cooperation with business organizations, will donate the corresponding contributions twice, giving you the equivalent of three times the donation, which is the most suitable time donation, a recent event is Sunlife Financial Cooperation, see : 2018 before March 12, donations to the Canadian Red Cross donations can be given 3 times ]

Shopping help the company

If you have the opportunity to help the company buy things, such as hotels and other travel booked my ticket, then take advantage of it, by the way complete open card spending challenge it.

Buy buy buy

This is not to say took a new card to wander around to buy, because this is the case, it is not the bank’s wool mattress, but by your bank wool mattress up. But I believe every family, in addition to the usual daily expenses, there will always be some other large consumer, for example to travel, buy a new appliance, etc., which consume only slightly prepared to look before buying, you can become complete the quickest way to open card spending challenges.

in conclusion

In fact, just a little note, or a lot of credit card, especially a credit card AMEX place. But still have to remind readers and friends apply for credit cards to live within its means, wool mattress is only a little extra entertainment at a reasonable and rational consumption premise.

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