How to Register Borrowell Free Credit Inquiry Service – Step by Step Guide

Updated on July 18th, 2021

In Canada, credit history is a very important thing, it will affect you big time when applying for housing loans, car loans, credit cards, etc. So people living in Canada should be aware of. Canadian credit history are generally awarded by the two credit rating agencies, one is Equifax, one is TransUnion, but because both are commercial organizations, getting credit score from them are not free. Fortunately, there are companies now provide services credit score and credit history of free inquiry, such as Borrowell.

Borrowell Introduction

Borrowell is a Canadian innovation finance companies, and authorities authority Equifax credit score is to establish a cooperative relationship, for residents of Canada to provide free credit scores. So far the company has provided this service to more than 400,000 residents of Canada. Credit score is needed to buy a house, buy a car capital investment financing needs, rental, loan. Before Borrowell only provide credit scores, but recently has been changed while providing a credit score and credit history. Borrowell service is completely free, Web site:

Is Borrowell Safe?

Borrowell investigation is Equifax’s credit history, credit score such queries belong Soft Inquiry, will not have any impact on the score. CIBC now offered free credit score is through Borrowell, safety or people very reassuring.

Borrowell Registration Process

  1. Sign Borrowell free credit check service: Borrowell registration page , then press the Get Started .
  2. Fill out some basic information, including address, annual income, personal accounts goals.
  3. Three and answer questions related to personal credit history, such as in 2016 you ever applied for a credit card goes, in 2015 you had to work at that company and so on. Because all multiple choice, in fact, not be too difficult.
  4. And then registered a success.


In Canada, maintaining a good credit score and credit history, really important. Not use Borrowell readers sign up as soon as possible now.