A Step-by-Step Guide To Registering Angus Reid Forum Paid Survey Service

Updated on September 23rd, 2018

Want to earn some small amount of money at home? One of the ways is to do the online surveys. It is certainly is unrealistic to expect to make money through completing those online surveys, but little money here and there won’t hurt. Angus Reid Forum (used to be YourInsights.ca) is one of them.

Angus Reid Forum Introduction

Applicable Areas: only Canada, Angus Reid Forum Registration.

Many surveys are quite close to current events and quoted by many media. The latest example is a survey question about the underage use of electronic cigarettes.


  • Minimum redemption amount of $ 25 CAD;
  • If selected to participate in focus groups (focus groups) online survey, then back up each time the $ 75 to $ 150each;
  • 95% of the survey takes less than 15 minutes to complete (the investigation of other sites sometimes 30-45 minutes to complete a questionnaire).


  • Prepaid Mastercard;
  • Gift cards (Amazon.ca, Starbucks, Hudson’s Bay, etc.), the minimum redemption amount of $ 25 CAD.

Registration Process

1. Register Angus Reid Forum account: Angus Reid Forum Registration, then fill in some basic account information, such as username, password, e-mail and so on.

2. Next is to fill in some personal information, such as gender, age, place of birth, language, etc., so related surveys can be sent.

3. After completion, it will send an email to your mailbox, allowing you to confirm the investigation, then to OK. After other e-mail notification that you have a new online survey. Mail recently received a notice like this (25 points value to $ 1 CAD):

Final Thoughts

It takes 5 minutes to complete a questionnaire, for 25 points that worth $ 1 CAD, that is equivalent to the hourly rate of $ 12 CAD. If you think it doesn’t make economic sense, you can simply ignore the email after receiving them. But maybe one day you have nothing else better to do or received a survey you are interested, then you have your opportunity to voice your opinion and earn some small money at the same time.