How to get Starbucks Starbucks Gift Card with 65% off + US Amex Shop Small $10 get $5

Updated on July 13th, 2020

Starbucks is a coffee shop frequented by many people. If you compare it, you will find that Starbucks coffee is indeed more flavorful and enjoyable than the coffee you would find in other chains, such as Tim Hortons. It is sufficiently more appealing. However, buying just one cup a day is not cheap, and the price really adds up. This article introduces a method of buying Starbucks coffee for much cheap by starting a Starbucks Starbucks gift card with a 65% discount. Note that this method will not enable you to buy unlimited Starbucks GCs. The number and amount of GCs are limited.

Signup the Fluz mobile app and a referral link , (better to open it from a mobile phone) you can buy 3 Starbucks GCs at a 35% discount, which is equivalent to 35% off.

Best Ysage

In addition, Fluz and ROUND-UP BONUS, after continuous measurement by netizens, found that buying $10.05, you can get $11 Starbucks GC, and then get $3.7 Reward.

So the actual discount is: (10.05 – 3.7) / 11 = 0.58, which means a discount of 58%.

Or, if you don’t consider the $3.7 Reward, it is equivalent to using a 32% discount (10.05 / 11 = 0.92) to buy three Starbucks GCs with a face value of $11.

Gift Card Usage

The received electronic gift card can be used directly in the store or can be recharged. Note that although the American Starbucks GC is bought, it can be used directly in Canada. And the real-time exchange rate is very good, for example, the Starbucks GC of $11 USD is calculated at the current exchange rate, which is equivalent to $15 CAD.

Fluz Vouchers

Each newly registered user can buy 3 GCs with a 35% discount, and then every time a friend is invited, after spending once, a friend can buy another GC with a 35% discount, and so on.

US Amex Shop Small

If you have a US Amex and registered the Shop Small, when you use this Amex to buy GC, it will trigger the $10 get $5 bonus.

Fluz Reward

Rewards earned by buying GCs can be withdrawn after reaching $26.


Although it is said that quitting coffee saves 100%, but honestly, who can live without coffee. Being able to get a Starbucks Starbucks gift card with 35% off is a small discount.