How to use Omio (Go Euro), Europe train tickets, 10 euros registration bonus code

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A trip to Europe, then Europe’s rail network is extremely developed. As many of the city railway stations are located not far away from the city center, it is both affordable and convenient.

Omio’s Official Website 

Omio’s Official Website 

Omio advantage

Omio, used to call Go Euro, has several advantages:

  • Can be paid with local currency, such as US Dollars or Canadian Dollars
  • It contains most of the territory of the European high-speed rail and rail networks
  • You can employ the use of a Mobile ticket (only when a Mobile ticket is supported)
  • Can include transportation
  • Can refund a ticket (only when a ticket is refundable, fee excluded);
  • There are some towns experiencing less developed rail network, you can also purchase bus tickets and CarShare of
  • North American customer service is very quick to respond

How to use

Go to Omio’s Official Website 

Enter in the starting point, destination, date, then confirm whether you want a ticket for a one-way trip or a two-way trip, and then set the currency and press Search. Then, book it accordingly.

The new/old registered users Deals

Newly registered users, including the already registered but have not yet used the user invitation code using invitation code junweh5i6z0x, you can also get an additional 10 euro discount. Offer available for future use as a discount when booking. Omio Website 

  • After registering, look for Travel Bonus options . If the mobile phone version, then, is to find the Travel Bonus . You then need the Verify the Account, enter the phone number receive a verification code.

  • After that, find the option to enter an invitation code, enter junweh5i6z0x .

  • There will be a discount of 10 euros.


I took a trip to the Champagne region of France, purchased the tickets through Omio buy tickets. I have no issue with using it.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning for a Europe trip, and consider taking the high-speed rail train, give Omio a try.

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