What it is Like to Travel During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated on July 6th, 2020

Due to ‌the pandemic‌, everyone had to stay at home for the past few months. But recently, all regions have slowly begun to lift restrictions. But with the virus still not completely in control as of right now, what it is like to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic‌‌‌‌‌‌? Recently I went to Whistler to hang out for a few days. The travel notes are slowly added, and I will share with you my feelings.

First, I put two photos. It was raining when it was cloudy on the way to the trip. It was very sunny during the returning drive. I hope the epidemic takes a turn for the better as the weather did.

Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal

Sea to Sky Highway

Wearing Masks

On the first three days of arriving in Whistler, the weather was still relatively wet and cold at the time. The first feeling was that there were many people wearing masks. Although only 1 in 10 people wore masks during those days, this ratio was still higher than in Vancouver. However, in the next day or two, the weather turned sunny and warm, and the number of people wearing masks decreased significantly. It is estimated that only 5% of the people in the village were wearing some form of facial protection.

It seems that because Whistler is an important tourist town, the prevention and the control of the epidemic remain relatively strict. Basically, employees working for established places such as restaurants and hotels were required to wear masks. When entering restaurants and shops, there was always someone outside to control the number of people who enter and actively ask customers to use the disinfectant they provide.


Due to the limited number of people allowed in the restaurant, many restaurants have queues. This is the opposite of what we thought before going out. It was originally thought that no tourists would not have to line up.

In addition, many restaurants with high ratings have already reserved so many of their seats that anyone wanting a reservation would have to book days in advance.

Number of tourists

It is difficult to compare because we do not come to Whistler often. But it can be seen that the number of tourists is picking up. While eating at one of the restaurants, I chatted with the boss. The boss said that before the long weekend in May, their restaurant had reopened, but nobody came at the time. This year is really not easy for anyone.


For this trip, I booked two hotels: Delta by Marriott Whistler, and Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa. Marriott’s gym and sauna are direct, and the swimming pool is still open. Hilton only has breakfast and the executive lounge is not open. The gym and swimming pool are open.


Check-in registration involved a very long queue. Since the hotels enforce strict cleaning policies now, there are people to double-check after cleaning, so the cleaning time is relatively long. Once a guest checks out of a room, cleaning takes place, and since the time it takes to clean the room is longer due to the policies, it may take much longer for that same room to be able to be checked in by a new guest. Basically, there is no way to guarantee an early check-in.

With bottled water, Marriott’s approach is to uniformly put bottled water in the corner of the lobby to use. Hilton completely stopped using bottled water.


Taking the elevator, both Marriott and Hilton stated in front of the elevator that either one family or two guests were allowed in at a time. This didn’t affect much since the number of tourists Whistler has only just picked up from previous months, but it did force a queue when needed.

People waiting in line to take a mountain bike ride on the gondola.

Tourist attraction

Provincial parks near Whistler, such as Joffre Lake Provincial Park and Garibaldi Provincial Park, haven’t been opened. When they will be reopened is unclear. After passing some nearby rural towns, there will be obvious signs stating that tourists are not welcome. So if you go to Whistler, you can only turn around in Whistler.


By this time the epidemic had developed, everyone should be aware of it. This year it is highly probable that they will only stay in local tourism. If you need to go out and relax, it is recommended to take anti-epidemic measures, understand the local situation, and abide by any laws enforcing social distancing in your area.

I hope this article is helpful to anyone who is interested in traveling.