Compare Canada to provide credit records several institutions, companies and banks

Updated on July 18th, 2021

In recent years, we see quite a few companies and banks start offering free credit records to Canadian, are those services all the same? what’s the catch? Here is the comparision

EquifaxBorrowellCIBCTransUnionCredit KarmaRBC
Credit Score
Credit History××
Credit MonitorLimited×Limited×
Hard Pull×
Soft Pull××
Length of credit history××××
Payment History××××
试用 Trail$4.95 one month trail$4.95 one month trail or $4.95 7 days trail


  • If you find a mistake on your credit record, you will still need to check with Equifax or TransUnion direectly;
  • Borrowell use the Equifax records; CIBC using a Borrowell service, so after opening at CIBC credit check free service while actually opened Borrowell services;
  • Credit Karma is used TransUnion services; RBC use the TransUnion service, so RBC opened after a free search service credit while actually opened the Credit Karma’s service;
  • Scotiabank, Capital One and Mogo offer similar services as well.

Final Thoughts

We all treat our credit records differently and different privacy concern, for the majority of people, I think Borrowell and Credit Karma would work fine. Some might prefer to go with the free credit record service that bank offers, but if the bank just outsource it to Borrowell or Credit Karma, why not just go with Borrowell and Credit Karma then? After all, we are going switch bank every once a while right?

Personally, I would suggest using Borrowell and Credit Karma, another then sign up the trail for every 6-12 months from Equifax and TransUnion, and cancel the service.

What your choices will be?