New York – Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge

Updated on September 8th, 2019

The Brooklyn Bridge is a must-see attraction when travelling to New York. In fact, going next to the Manhattan Bridge (Manhattan Bridge) is well worth the trip. For example, the following two photos capture very popular place punch. This article explains in detail the punch line.

The Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge are in two spots arranged together, so going from one to the other shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge is a suspension bridge across the East River connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Manhattan Bridge was designed by Polish-born Ralph Modjesk, and the cable bridge was designed by Seve designed Lyon Moi, who later designed the 1940 collapse of the Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge. Designed for two-way travel, the upper layer has a total of four two-way lanes, the lower layer comprised of a bidirectional converter lanes 3, 4 subway route, sidewalks, and bike paths.

A good way to traverse the bridge is to first set out near the Manhattan Bridge in Chinatown to look at this magnificent arch.

Along the sidewalk onto the bridge, the bridge has a tall barbed wire to protect it. After all, there is a road below the bridge.

Some people like to cut holes in the chain-link fence because they want to put their phones and cameras out to take pictures, while the bridge maintenance tries to keep up.

There are as people who like to just love there padlocks on the chain-link, making this bridge a hotspot for padlocks.

Due to the sidewalk being next to the metro line, it needs to slowly traverse the Manhattan Bridge for about 30 minutes. About five or six times in the side through the subway. It is really loud, so prepare your bodies.

But a panoramic view of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as the landscape below the bridge, makes it still very worthwhile.

Finally, this is what the other end of the bridge looks like.

And then there is also a view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

61 Washington St

The next punch location is near. The address is 61 Washington St Brooklyn, NY 11201, ad can be found directly in Google Maps. The punch point is now very famous.

Brooklyn Bridge

Take enough pictures, you can turn on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge, formerly known as New York and Brooklyn Bridge, or the East River Bridge (English: East River Bridge), is one of America’s oldest suspension bridge, built in in 1883, its 1,825-meter (5,988-foot) long bridge across the East River connecting the New York New York New York City Manhattan and Brooklyn. When completed, it was the world’s longest suspension bridge, and the first US use of wire rope instead of chain suspension bridge (the first wire rope suspension bridge in France in 1823, built by Marc Seguin Passerelle de Saint-Antoine pedestrian walk flyover). The name comes from the Brooklyn Bridge wrote “Brooklyn Eagle newspaper” The letter January 25, 1867, the formal adoption by the municipal government and in 1915. After the Brooklyn Bridge is enabled, it has become the New York City skyline integral part of the United States has become a National Historic Landmark in 1964. 1972 Selected international civil engineering historical monuments.

The reason why going from Brooklyn to Manhattan is recommended because in this case, you have the view of Manhattan.

The above bridge is common to pedestrians and cyclists.

Final Thoughts

Although Brooklyn Bridge has a reputation, the Manhattan Bridge is just as interesting as Brooklyn Bridge. If you go to New York and have time to explore, I would highly recommend that you go to both bridges for the full experience.