Canada 150 East Coast Trip – VIA Rail Canada $44 Multi-City ESCAPE Fare

Updated on August 19th, 2017

Taking train from Toronto to Montreal and stop by Ottawa, it only costs $44 CAD for one way. $44 CAD is the lowest price you can book through VIA Canada. Also prices are different depending on dates and time. Trains are clean and comfortable.

Advantages of choosing VIA Rail:

  • Reasonable prices, lowest from $44CAD for one way including stop by Ottawa for a few days.
  • Trains are clean and comfy with free WIFI.
  • No security check. You only need to arrive 30 minutes ahead of the departing time.
  • Train schedules are punctual.
  • Have a lot of different time to choose from in the same date.
  • Toronto and Montreal stations are right in downtown. You can walk 5-10 minutes to hotels nearby these stations.
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It takes about 4 hours from Toronto to Ottawa. Toronto train station is in downtown area. You will have enough time to get to the station after you return your rental car.

Train is very clean and seats are comfy. A party with three to four people will be arranged to sit face to face automatically. Meal is not included in the train fare, but they do sell foods and snacks and prices are reasonable.

Ottawa train station is a bit far from downtown. It costs around $20 CAD by taking taxi to downtown.

It takes around 2 hours from Ottawa to Montreal. The Montreal station is part of the metro in downtown area. You need to go to the ground level and use google map or take the taxi to your destination.

VIA Rail Website, choose the Multi-city option to stop by Ottawa, don’t buy tickets with two separate cities. It will cost you more. The lowest price ticket is called ESCAPE. You have to pay half of the ticket price for change or cancellation penalty. ESCAPE ticket price is vary from $44 to $96 CAD. Regular ticket is $115 CAD. ESCAPE ticket is cheaper than regular ticket even you need to pay penalty. According the train attendant, usually the train is half full and the peak season is summer, but there are still a lot of seats available for sale.

If you are planning to travel in Canada East, don’t forget to try VIA Rail. It’s cheaper than by plane or rental car and you can relax and enjoy the view.