Best hotel to see the full view of Niagara Falls

Updated on August 19th, 2017

Niagara Falls is one of the most attractive places in Toronto trip. Basically, all hotels’ prices are expensive and all hotels claim that they have falls view. But in fact there are two falls. From the photo below, the left one is called USA Fall. The right one is called Canada Horseshoe Fall and it’s much more spectacular and bigger than the USA Fall. Thus, the most important thing to figure out is to find out which hotel has the full view of both falls.

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In fact, good locations to view both falls are in Canada. Hotels have good locations are as below:

  1. Embassy Suites is the best hotel to view the whole Horseshoe Fall.
  2. Marriott Fallsview is right beside the Horseshoe Fall. If guest is not satisfied with view of 18 floor or above room, free cancellation will be offered.
  3. Niagara Tower Hotel
  4. Sheraton on the Falls is facing the USA Fall and has a far view of Horseshoe Fall.
  5. Hilton Hotel Niagara Falls

These 5 hotels have good view of  Niagara Falls.

It’s hard to take a photo near the Falls without catching other people.

The hotel we booked was Marriott Fallsview. We got free upgrade to room with Horseshoe Fall view, not both falls. However, we have access to the executive lounge on 23rd floor which has the full view of both falls. We can enjoy the magnificent view with snack and white wine.