The Best Cash Back Websites

Do you know you can get cash back for almost everything you purchase online? Here is the list of the best cash back websites:

Top Cashback

  • Number of businesses: 3,500+
  • The highest cash back business: Amazon(up to 10% back), Groupon(up to 10% back), Walmart(up to 6% back), Lowe’s(6% back), Gap brands(8% back), back), American Eagle(6% back), and back)
  • Cash back: PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Amazon Gift Cards (with a 3% bonus added) and AMEX Gift Cards (3% to 5% with a bonus)

Cash back shopping site focuses on the United States, by excessive returns.

  • Number of businesses: 2,000+
  • The highest cash back business: Amazon (up to 7% back), Kohl’s (6% back), JCPenney (12% back), Nordstrom (6% back), Target (2% back), (6% back), American Eagle (4% back), and (1.5% back)
  • New member bonus $10 USD, after spending more $25

Cash back shopping site focuses on the United States, return is not as good as Top Cashback, make sure you do the comparison between the two sites first.

Cash back shopping site focuses on Canada.

  • New member bonus $5 CAD, no spending requirement.