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When traveling, there are always some free time needs to pass. This time, a good bookLoading forceBreak up the monotony of a good partner. The ultimateLoading forceWay to relieve boredom, of course, holding an “Economist” (The Economist) a. Even if you passed this stage, has begun to clear sky, but take a look at this iPad The Big Bang Theory Low would be too little of it, it is better to try to listen in on phoneGuo Degang comicBook it.

Due to the emergence of mobile phones, the modern way to collect new information has been extremely fragmented. Think again was the last time a CD to listen to what time? (If you know what CD, now some new generation has not seen a cassette recorders)

The audio books are created for the age of the product, you can in the car, sitting on the beach in a daze when, or even doing housework while listening to a book. This is the modern way to learn new knowledge.

Amazon’s Audible is a company that specializes in providing high-quality audio books. Whether it is for their own use, or is bought for the children are very appropriate. But Audible book, although very high quality, the price is correspondingly higher, the price between $ 20- $ 50 USD.

Audible has a 30-day trial offer, within 30 days, you can listen to a book for free. If you download audiobooks but not satisfied, you can not limit the number of times to change other audio book. Monthly fee after 30 days for $ 14.95 USD a month.

Even if you cancel within 30 days of the trial service, I have downloaded the book that can remain. Audible direct URL . Note that this is the US version of Audible, although there are Canadian version but is not recommended, first, Kindle Fire and Kndle Echo do not support the Canadian version of Audible, and second, because of copyright issues, the US version of Audible e-books will be a lot more choice.


Audiobook of course not completely replace the text version of the book, but it is a nice addition. Because audiobooks are read by radio-level standard English accent, listen and watch the same book, reading will greatly increase the fun and improve their English listening. So take advantage of a 30-day trial offer, try Audible audiobooks.