Canadian American Express Platinum Card Introduction

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American Express Platinum Card is the best Amex Card for an individual can apply for. It comes with generous benefits, yet correspondingly the annual fee is quite high. Also since the Amex card is not well accepted by all merchants in Canada, it is not within the scope of many Canadian. However, this card does represent all good value and great benefits.

If you apply this card from American Canada Website, you get 60,000 AMEX MR Welcome Bonus, through referal link you will get 70,000. For deatil: Apply Card

Credit Cards 101

Amex Application Basics

  • Income Requirements

    American Express has no longer enforce the requirement for annual income.

  • Welcome Bonus

    Amex provisions of the same card can only take a lifetime to open the card rewards. Note that this means that the same product, another product but also a chance to open a reward card. For example, you already have a personal Amex gold card rewards and get open, they can apply for Amex Platinum individuals take time to open the card rewards.

  • Debit card Charge Card

    This card is a charge card, there is no pre-set spending limit amount, the monthly consumption must be paid off prior to maturity or interest rate of 30% (rather than as a regular credit card that can also only the minimum repayment amount).

  • Other detailed messages: Credit card entry – some basic knowledge about the application of American Express credit cards Amex

The following were analyzed for each of the major benefits it.


  • The new card has opened 50,000 AMEX MR welcome bonus (spend $3000 CAD in first 3 months)

    The opening ceremony open card gift card is actually very generous. To know other credit cards, such as RBC’s BA VISA, occasionally opening ceremony 5 card extreme, but consumer demand is three months ago C $ 9,000. Also, if recommended by a link to apply for it, the opening ceremony of the card is extremely 6.

  • Every $ 1 spent any consumer will get 1.25 points

    This is very kind of, you know the same individual Amex Platinum Card in the United States, every $ 1 spent only get 1 point.

  • Amex can be divided 1: 1 to go to the integral BA Canadian Airlines

    In the world inside integral and flexible is a very important factor, because sometimes you have to take A airlines, sometimes you need to take B airline. If the points are accumulated on the same airline, then not be able to use the time to really need them.

  • Unlimited free access to airport lounges

    This benefit may become significant. This Platinum card holders unlimited with his family, or a friend access to the VIP lounge, a bite to eat in front of the plane, or a drink. Priority Pass Select introduction

  • Hotel Premium Membership

    After getting this card, proceed directly to Starwood (SPG) Gold members, Marriott (Marriott) Gold members and Hilton (Hilton) Gold members.

  • Car Rental Company Offers

    With this card at Avis and Hertz car rental cars can free up a level.

Other benefits further comprising:

  • Warranty extension   –1 Year
  • Shopping Insurance  – 120 days
  • Travel Accident Insurance  – C $ 500,000
  • Emergency Travel Medical Insurance  – 15 days
  • Trip Cancellation  – C $ 2,500
  • Travel disruptions  – C $ 2,500
  • Flight delays  – C $ 1,000
  • Baggage Delay  – C $ 1,000
  • Lost luggage  – C $ 1,000
  • Hotels theft  – C $ 1,000
  • Car Insurance  – including

Annual Fee Assessment

These are more concrete benefits. This card annual fee is C$ 699, a subsidiary Gold C$ 50. It estimated that the annual fee will scare a lot of people, but the annual fee paid money to see Gaobu Gao has not been rewarded. The return on this card like this:

  • Included C $ 200 annual travel claims
  • It comes with $ 685 worth of Starwood (SPG) Gold Member
  • It comes with $ 1,985 worth of Marriott (Marriott) Gold Member
  • It comes with $ 980 worth of Hilton (Hilton) Gold Member

I believe many people will go out once a year or more to travel, a great opportunity to be able C $ 200 spent annually travel claims, so this card the actual annual fee is C $ 499 (really can not afford to use it, first set the ticket can be refunded or hotel, then drained away .Amex already reimbursed C $ 200 is not recovered). Other benefits included, which can be used on a long term is basically back this up. Not counting bonus points 1.25 and airport lounges, etc. of other benefits.

Because C $ 200 travel claims per year is counted by year, for the first time apply for the card because of New Year’s Eve, actually you can get two, so doing the annual fee the first year should be C $ 299 fishes. And in the first year of the gift card is 6 extremely open, is worth about C $ 1,080, so that the application down this card, first card opening ceremony get our hands on, do not like it, a year later call to cancel it wants (Amex is you can be canceled on the internet, if it is embarrassed to call to cancel it, even the phone do not hit).

If you think a year of travel claims may not need them, then, Amex Platinum card business as well as another annual fee is $ 499, Amex commercial white individuals can also apply for a fact, the company does not have to, details click here .

Also, if not sure whether to accept Amex, you can apply for personal Amex Gold try, as this card with no annual fee the first year, the annual revenue requirements are low, most suitable as the first Amex application, details point here .

Online Application

If you are interested in this card, you can apply through this site to get additional 1 extreme, that is, a total of 60,000 separate gift cards. Click the button below to apply can jump directly to apply for official English website Amex Canada Bank (already included 60,000 gift card separately).

Useful message

Useful telephone and URL

  • Find flight lounge (only AMEX personal and business platinum card): Find a web page (no login), at The American Express Lounge, Ltd. Free Join Collection
  • Use $ 200 Travel Credit (personal AMEX Platinum Card only): 1-800-668-9147,
  • Tickets and upgrades with flying ticket (only personal and commercial AMEX Platinum Card):
  • Butler service (only personal and commercial AMEX Platinum Card): 1866-610-8390
  • Foreign emergency medical, trip cancellation insurance, travel interruption insurance, aircraft insurance or delayed flights, lost luggage insurance, baggage delay insurance: 1-866-426-7505,905-816-1884
  • Car theft and destruction of the insurance, the insurance extended warranty shopping, shopping loss insurance: 1-800-243-0198,905-475-4822
  • Travel Accident Insurance: 1-877-777-1544
  • Emergency travel assistance website: 1-800-678-5523,514-285-8165, AMEX pages emergency travel assistance website
  • Doctor on Call clinics open (only AMEX personal and business platinum card): 1-866-426-7505

New Kafu Li activate

After receiving the Platinum card, of course, is the first on the apply for online account for easy viewing future bills. Then go , log in with the account before the registration can be registered once the full benefits are good (note applies only to personal platinum, platinum or business need to call).

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