How WorldRemit Online Money Transfer Service Works?

Updated on July 18th, 2021

Cross-border transfer of money has always been a headache as bank wire transfer fee is high. WorldRemit is a British company founded in 2010. It features fixed fees and is easy and fast to transfer money. 

Quick Summary

  • New users who transfer more than $150 CAD (US account is $100 USD) will receive a $30 CAD voucher code via email (US account is $20 USD);
  • The transfer fee is fixed, and the handling fee for $1-$40,000 CAD is $3.99 CAD;
  • You can use your credit card to transfer money, no additional credit card fees are required;
  • New registration offers and fees for accounts in other countries vary by remittance fee.

New user offers

Use WorldRemit’s WorldRemit Registration  Press Sign up to get started , the new user will transfer more than $150 CAD (US account is $100 USD) and will receive $30 CAD voucher code (US account is $20 USD); this voucher code is within one year You can use the direct discount of $30 CAD in the next transfer, which means that if you transfer $26.01 CAD for the next time, you can get a loss of about $19.03 USD without deducting the $3.99 CAD fee.

Registration process

1. Use WorldRemit’s registration link  , press Sign up to get started . Select your country, name, email, and confirm Got a refer code? Enter a recommendation code in the field and press Continue .

2. Then complete the registration. To transfer money, select the country you want to transfer and press Get started.

3. Select the amount of the transfer and note that Fees is fixed.

4. Choose a payment method, use a credit card to transfer up to $4,000 CAD at a time, and a bank account to transfer up to $40,000 CAD at a time.

5. Select the object to transfer money and enter the bank information of the payee.

6. If you need to transfer more than $1,000 CAD, you will need to upload your own personal documents for certification, but not $1,000 CAD.