Buy Dogecoin in Canada via Virgocx

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On February 8 this year, Tesla’s announcement showed that the company had purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. CEO Musk said: Investing in Bitcoin makes the company’s investment more flexible, and the company may purchase and hold digital assets from time to time or for a long time.

Due to the epidemic situation, central banks of all countries have used their money printing presses with all their strength. As a result, the actual purchasing power of Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars has shrunk dramatically, and everyone is looking for high-quality safe-haven assets to avoid inflation. At the same time, digital currencies that are independent of the central banks of various countries, financial systems and monetary organizations have begun to gain popularity and become a new way of safe-haven assets. Especially Bitcoin, the increase in the past year is amazing! At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin was approaching $60,000.

Whether you know it or accept it or not, digital cryptocurrency has slowly entered the mainstream.

About VirgoCX

VirgoCX is a compliant fiat-digital currency exchange located in Canada. VirgoCX aims to provide Canadian users with a secure digital asset and stable currency trading experience.

VirgoCX provides individual and institutional investors with low transaction costs, high transaction liquidity, institutional-level custody, and 24-hour online customer service. As an MSB registered institution, VirgoCX’s institutional-level custody can reduce the asset security and settlement risks that digital asset investors worry about.

VirgoCX is a legal digital platform exchange reviewed by the Canadian Financial Supervisory Authority and audited by MNP. VirgoCX has never and will not provide any form of leveraged fund allocation services, all of which are real transactions. In addition, for customers, VirgoCX does not provide any advice or guidance on digital currency investment or trading except for comprehensive account services.

Note: This information is provided by VirgoCX.

New User Bonus

Now register through the invitation link  , or use the invitation code when registering: foMxUppS, you will receive the following bonus.

  • Register with VirgoCX and complete the real-name certification, and you can get 10 Canadian dollars reward without deposit.
  • Completing the first fiat currency deposit of 100 Canadian dollars or more will receive an additional 20 Canadian dollars reward.
  • The invitation award is only applicable to Canadian citizens, permanent residents or temporary residents.

Note that the rewards for new users will not arrive immediately, but will be distributed on the last working day of the first week of the next month after registration.


VirgoCX has no transaction fees and deposits are also free.

For withdrawal, there is a 0.75% fee and the minimum consumption is $5.

Limit order

You can use VirgoCX to make a limit order, set a price in your mind, and then wait for the price to fall to this price, and the system will automatically buy it for you.

Transfer in and out

The digital currency in it can be transferred in and out, and can be transferred to your own hardware digital wallet.

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