First World problems,拿了三家航司的终身顶级会籍后,第四个应该是那一家?

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第一世界问题(英语:First World problems)是第一世界国家问题的非正式表述,一般是指人们在没有更紧迫的问题时才抱怨的问题。虽然它被视为谬误列表的内容之一,但这个词如今也被许多人用来表达他们对没有别的问题来抱怨、以全世界的视角来重新审视到自己问题的感恩之情。 该表述一般用以缓解对方对琐碎问题的抱怨、让抱怨者感到惭愧,也可用来揶揄第一世界文化, 或用作幽默的自嘲。


找不到AirPods 了(关于 AirPods 最常见的抱怨)。苹果公司试图通过在 2017 年推出“查找我的 AirPods”应用程序来缓解这个问题。

又比如之前在网上,看到有人想要玩信用卡但实在没有办法完成新开卡消费,因为自己在某大厂工作,吃住拉撒都由公司管,每个月根本就花不出钱。。。妥妥的First World problems。

不过,最近看了一个英文博客的读者提问,那是更让人感概,这才真叫First World problems啊。原文使劲戳这里:


I have a somewhat unusual question to ask about FFP programs. I have been a frequent traveler for many years and have a lifetime CX membership (They stopped the program 20 years ago but it maps to CX Diamond/OW Emerald), I’m a 4 million miler on AA (So maxed out at Lifetime Plat) and I’m just 350 tier points away from BA lifetime Gold.

My question is where would you recommend I try to accrue points/Miles/status now?? I’ve maxed out on CX (and Asia Miles is inconvenient and stingy), I’ve maxed out on AA (in  terms of lifetime status) and without an AA credit card exec plat might be harder to get as I don’t do any full fare J corporate traveler or spend anything directly with them. BA life time GGL at 100k would be an effort and trying to get to the 3k tier points this year  I’m not even sure it is worth it having been a GGL for several years and didn’t really see much benefit (Though Concorde Room was nice).

I’m usually based in HKG, TYO or LON so OW airlines get most of my travel. I”m generally a D, I or RTW traveler which used to be very lucrative for miles and status but now is increasingly less so as airlines move to revenue based rewards. My short flights are all EY sub class fares that are worth virtually nothing now for points or status.

This week I’ll be starting the final 15 sectors on a DONE4 (ex HND from last year) so will get my 350 BA TP’s in 3 flights but I’m wondering what to do next??? I could just keep accruing on BA and AA but it’s become a mine field in terms of ensuring you maximize your miles (for example on this RTW my SCL-MAD flight is 24,980 avios if booked with the BA code share but according to the Calculator only 1700 avios if I book the IB flight number even) ditto CX, AY and QR flights on AA vs BA etc. An even bigger challenge now is redemption rates with the dynamic pricing mixed with old school partner airline award charts……

It’s all over the map now what flights to match to which programs. It might make more sense  to stay with BA given the ability to transfer Avios between QR, IB AY and IE. But AA has lower add on fees and still offers some great redemption rates on partner airlines like JL. But those can be hard to get and I suspect that loophole will close soon when AA HND-JFK is 450k and JL HND-JFK is 60k for redemption, that can’t last.

Do I keep with AA and BA (Again Asia miles is not very good) or is there another OW program worth trying to accrue miles and status?? Longer term maybe I consider Star or SkyTeam but neither works as well for where I live and obviously can’t help with the DONE4 I’m about to use.

如果这位读者所讲的真的,估计也的确是真的。毕竟20年前就已经停止发行的国泰终身会籍,相当于现在的CX Diamond/OW Emerald,国泰终身会籍这种事情笔者是连听都没有听过,更别说编造了。






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