MSC Cruises Voyager推出会员匹配计划(Status Match)

Updated on February 18th, 2020

MSC Cruises Voyager推出会员匹配计划(Status Match),可以通过其它邮轮公司,酒店和航空公司的精英会员进行会员匹配,直达网页

会员匹配成功之后,会得到相应的MSC Cruises Voyager会员,大约会在7-10个工作日内收到回复。注意该会员需要每3年时间内乘坐一次邮轮才能成功保级,不过MSC Cruises Voyager大约每隔3年都会推出会员匹配计划。


MSC Cruises will only consider benefit cards from other Cruising companies, Hotels or Tour Operators. Airline Company benefit cards are excluded.

Matching is carried out by comparing as much as reasonably possible the level of benefits guaranteed from the external travel program benefit card with those offered by the MSC Voyagers Club cards. Conversion will be executed by MSC Cruises based on objective criteria and may only be done once per consumer.You can register to the Status Match by completing the online registration form available on It is not possible to register during the cruise.

Everyone under 18 years of age cannot register to the Status Match. Applicants must allow up to 7-10 business days for status match to complete. Guests will physically receive their membership card once on board for their first cruise with MSC Cruises. It is not possible to combine MSC Voyagers Club points with points from the benefit card data of other cruise companies.

If a guest has benefit cards with multiple companies, he/she will have to choose which card to use to take part in the promotion. The MSC Voyagers Club card and membership will be subject to the terms and conditions of the MSC Voyagers Club.

A copy of the MSC Voyagers Club T&Cs is available on the MSC Cruises website. MSC Cruises reserves the right to reject any Status Match Request without any legal ramifications for legitimate reasons and to stop this program at any time.5% cruise discount applies on booking s made after the Status Match registration.